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7am in the morning. Professionals came together to breakdown leadership today and to fill the gaps.

See Full Event Recap Events on leadership are essential and happen throughout the year. However, ENTR. Talks created a unique environment where intense conversations were had on leadership, its applications, issues and shortcomings. The morning provided a beautiful sunrise view that only the Sheraton Virginia Beach Oceanfront Hotel could provide that set the stage for heartfelt talks that provided solutions and various perspectives. We thank everyone for being involved and bringing their passion and professionalism with them. Thank you to the Sheraton Virginia Beach Oceanfront Hotel for sponsoring this ENTR. event and to Moy Capital and JGB Group, LLC for your support.


It was a pleasure to be invited and have a seat at the breakfast table for this event. It really gave me a deeper introspective on leadership and it was a great opportunity to listen and learn from different professionals in various business sectors and gain their perspectives, I found myself today pondering on the conversations after the event which lets me know it was very impactful.


T. Nyhaug

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