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The HIVE Virginia Beach Resource Center partners with the ENTR. Entrepreneur Advancement Program

The ENTR. Entrepreneur Advancement Program is a new business ecosystem providing support for business operators, developing community engagement opportunities and distributing media content. ENTR. becomes a business resource partner of The HIVE.

The HIVE’s objective is to accelerate, establish, and showcase innovation and startups by translating insights into actionable strategies, rethinking the customer experience, improving operational experience and efficiency as well as testing new business models through the use of technology. The HIVE is the result of a successful collaboration among the City of Virginia Beach, academic institutions, other cities in the metropolitan area, Small Business Associations, and other entrepreneurial-related organizations in Virginia Beach and beyond.

The HIVE focuses on offering its community the opportunity to grow and scale early-stage businesses by acting as a knowledge hub, providing useful resources, and connecting like-minded individuals in the City and the region to help businesses flourish.


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