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Leadership Discussions Breakfast

Sheraton Hotel
Virginia Beach Oceanfront 

3501 Atlantic Avenue 

Virginia Beach, VA 23451

• Invite Only


ENTR. Talks are specially developed engagements by ENTR. that range from private roundtable discussions on community development, social issues to public business development events and trainings.

We truly appreciate our partners, sponsors and supporters.



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"A leader takes people where they want to go. A great leader takes people where they don't necessarily want to go, but ought to be."

Rosalynn Carter


The Conversation 

Leadership can come in a multitude of forms and can be understood differently by each person. No matter how leadership is understood, it must be discussed to grow its potential. 

Having conversations centered around leadership are essential in reshaping its focus
 or purpose. For example, the leadership methods of the past may not fit the issues of today or it may provide clear solutions. Another benefit of leadership conversations are there inspiration and they can invoke movement in others that wasn't previously considered. 

Your Voice

Guests were prepared to bring their thoughts, concerns, solutions  and reflections on leadership that contributed to the conversation. 


W. King
Destination Family Services


This event was very impactful. Being able to have meaningful conversations with so many influential people was great. This event really reinforced the ideals that I currently have about leadership and challenged my thinking in other areas.​

M. Berlucchi
City Council Member
Virginia Beach

Exchanging ideas about service and leadership with this esteemed group of entrepreneurs was an inspiring way to begin the day. Thanks to Chance for curating this group and facilitating an insightful and informative conversation.

It was a pleasure to be invited and have a seat at the breakfast table for this event. It really gave me a deeper introspective on leadership and it was a great opportunity to listen and learn from different professionals in various business sectors and gain their perspective’s, I found myself today pondering on the conversations after the event which lets me know it was very impactful.


Breakfast with Chance and the august attendees was a great way to start the day. The ambience, conversation, integrity and authenticity of the participants was immeasurable. Great job ENTR.!


I had a wonderful time, enjoying the presence of great leaders who aspire to grow through feedback, reflection, and ability to listen to others. Chance led us in thought provoking conversation and stack the table with top tier and world- class leaders. I definitely will be attending again and I look forward to see the changes that these meetings will create in my life and in others lives.


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