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A powerful membership for new entrepreneurs 
and preexisting business owners. 

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Passion became purpose...

ENTR. is a business development program that was created and powered by Binchmark. Binchmark specializes in business to business, media/communication and project development services. In an effort to combat the challenges caused by the pandemic on new and preexisting business owners, Binchmark has formed the ENTR. Entrepreneur Advancement Program.


A platform that provides essential services and resources that support the growth of entrepreneurs and preexisting businesses.

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member benefits

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Business Resources & Programs 

Use or get access to various ENTR. business resources and programs that impact your new or preexisting business. 

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Entrepreneur Knowledge Base  

Get access to compelling insights, tips and key information that can benefit your business, new ideas, sales or special projects. 

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Preferred Business Services 

Members receive special membership discounts on the professional business services they need to elevate their business, product brands or the services they offer customers. 

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Business Trust Accelerator 

Increase your business and customer trust by receiving a listing or custom business feature profile that is developed and indexed by ENTR. These business profiles are distributed throughout various social media and research platforms. 

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Executive Business Perks 

Get access to limited time offers, special promotion notifications, events, and select services that can propel your business or the services you use to attract new customers, supporters or donors. 

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Business Impact Assessments

Get a Business Impact Assessment performed on your business and identify the targeted areas of your business that need immediate attention, service recommendations or development advisement. These areas can greatly affect your business growth potential and customer sales. 

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Special Designations

Earn special designations that can be added to your ENTR. Membership that provide various opportunities based on your business expertise. 

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