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Start Your ENTR. Business Account

An ENTR. Business Account provides multiple tools and resources designed to assist and advance new and preexisting business owners.

The ENTR. Entrepreneur Advancement Program was designed to reestablish a focus on the power of sales and presenting your idea to the masses. We believe that without sales you cannot be profitable and without being profitable you cannot be sustainable.

ENTR. Business Accounts Receive

- Planning Guidance 
- Digital Assets (Custom Website Platforms) 
- Sales Materials 
- News Features

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Digital Assets

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Planning Guidance


Sales Materials


Press Features

Learn about what you get.

From our Virtual Trainer

Each Account Gets:

Why Digital Assets

Business has changed and entrepreneurs are racing to catch up. Today, the world of business lives predominately through digital engagement. These engagements are reaching beyond just the use of social media and going back to the research and interaction with the business online. This is why we provide our account holders with a professionally customized website platform dedicated to their business with its own mobile version. Businesses have to be prepared to be professionally researched.

Why Planning Guidance 

Business guidance is perhaps one of the most broad terms that exist in business. It is not all made equal. The advice you may get on promotion or branding can have nothing to do with the core development of an idea or business. Since ENTR. was born from a company that offers business-to-business services centered around strategic planning, we have an advantage. We look at a business and their services from several perspectives while keeping our customers interest in mind. 

Why Sales Materials

Customers depend on sales literature from a business to support making their decision. This is an area that a customer may not mention but expects. Think about getting a new cell phone and there’s no documentation on what’s in the plan you purchased. It can cause confusion and limit the overall experience. However, this is easier said than done. There is a comprehensive process when creating this type of material as it can change based on the situation. We provide our account holders with access to get the materials they need to help close the deal. 

Why Press Features

Who says what about you and your company or services matters to the world. Think about how making business decisions changed when services like Yelp and product reviews were born. Even though many reviews can be false, people still don’t mind knowing. Press features on a business owner or their services are powerful moments that encourage customers to buy or consider new services. However, they can be difficult to obtain. If getting someone to take time to write a positive service review can be difficult, a press feature can be even more challenging. This is why we keep a look out on our account holders to see which of their milestones are making an impact.


Our Inspiration


It's the new ideas and servicing needs that create small businesses. Entrepreneurship itself fuels the strongest economy in the world. The U.S. economy. 


A 2019 SBA report found that small businesses accounted for 44% of U.S. economic activity. Without small businesses, the American economy and workforce would be a pretty wild landscape to imagine.

Facing A Real 


Why do small businesses fail?

According to the Small Business Administration (SBA) Office of Advocacy’s, roughly 80% of small businesses survive the first year.

Only about half of small businesses survive pass the five-year mark, ranging from 45.4% to 51% depending on the year the business was started.

• No market need

• Not enough capital

• Not the right team

• Competition

• Pricing

Business person smiling

Our account holders have practical tools they need to perform.

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Planning Guidance

Everything begins with one of the hardest resources to find that entrepreneurs need which is business development guidance of their concepts.

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Custom Sales Collateral

It is difficult to present what you do or how well you do it if you can't send the information you need to help close the deal. Give your customers what they expect.

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Digital Assets

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Accounts include a professionally developed PC and mobile website to strongly communicate your idea and your business locally and around the world.

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Press Feature Opportunities

Receiving positive press of any kind on you or your business is essential in adding to your credibility that can impact your sales.

What's behind the program?

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The ENTR. Entrepreneur Advancement Program was developed by Binchmark, a company that specializes in business-to-business services, media and communications, and project development services. Binchmark provides everything from strategic planning, service monetization to extensive brand development, sales training and more. 


ENTR. is also part of Binchmark's philanthropic efforts to support business owners that fuel local communities. Through ENTR., we can help new and preexisting entrepreneurs to meet their development challenges and goals in cost-effective ways. We understand that we will not be able to help every business, but we are passionate about what great ideas can accomplish that can change everything for the better.


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