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Project Feature

ENTR. becomes part of the Business Scaling Experience event. 

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ENTR. Feature

ENTR. produced a feature on the Business Scaling Experience Event that provides a look into the event, its purpose, speakers and the impact to new and preexisting business owners. 

Inside The Project

Event Founder

The Business Scaling Experience Event was developed by Tony DiSilvestro. Tony is a business owner and public speaker that has grown a single pizzeria into a multimillion-dollar restaurant franchise. 

Keynote Speakers

Earvin “Magic” Johnson
• David Meltzer "The Real Jerry Maguire"
• Tony DiSilvestro
• Tamra Andress
• Brian Hess
• Michelle Pippin
• Darryll Stinson
• Kate Volman
• Devin Herz

Event Sponsors

The City of Virginia Beach
Ynot Italian
Optima Health
Square 2
The Westin

Event Details

Location: The Sandler Center

Dates: April 24th, 25th and 26th 2023


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