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Welcome to ENTR. Advocates

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ENTR. Advocates is a new collaborative effort between the ENTR. Entrepreneur Advancement Program and industry  leaders, subject matter experts and community builders. ENTR. looks to support advocates in their efforts to impact business and the community. 

Learn more about applying to become an ENTR. Advocate below.

Raising voices and support for business professionals

Welcome to the ENTR. Advocates where you can join our mission of impacting business and community while receiving some great perks for your business endeavors in the process. ENTR. Advocates is the first business community by the ENTR. Entrepreneur Advancement Program. 

We’re raising our voices for the power of entrepreneurship, what small businesses bring to the table and what community impact looks like. Through an advocate relationship with ENTR. you will be able to receive access to benefits that support your business growth while spreading awareness about ENTR.



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Ideal for professionals that do not have an ENTR. Business Account for their business or may be an entrepreneur.

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Senior Advocates

Ideal for professionals that currently have an ENTR. Business Account for their business or organization. This will add benefits to a preexisting account.

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Advisory Advocates

Individuals that are special invited industry subject matter experts by a preexisting ENTR. Account Holder.

It's a powerful relationship

ENTR. Advocates have access to a variety of resources that support their business and its awareness while being able to access community engagement opportunities. Every ENTR. Advocate will have access to an online password accessible account.

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Account Perks

Receive a special discount when you decide to establish an ENTR. Business Account for your new or preexisting business.


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Become eligible for business features on you and your business that support your professional credibility.

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Volunteer Opportunties

Become eligible to participate in community engagement initiatives that impact everyday people and support stronger communities.

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Promotion Assistance

Become eligible to receive promotion support in raising awareness for your business and the services you provide.


ENTR. Social Media Exposure

Eligibility for you, your business or endeavor to be exposed to ENTR.'s social media audience of over 30,000 individuals.

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Release Support

Receive assistance in developing your press releases for your new services and projects that can attract media attention.

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Business Service Resources

Receive special discounts on a variety of professional business services you may need to improve your business.

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Receive insightful information on business and community project updates, resources and new service developments.  

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Receive notifications on events and online meetings that you may want to attend for yourself or your business.  

Moving People

Ideal Applicants

  • U.S. citizens, business owners and/or entrepreneurs
    (International businesses are welcome to apply.)

  • Nomination from a preexisting ENTR. Account Holder or ENTR. Advocate.

  • Dedicated to sharing information about their work within their industry. 

  • Advocate for entrepreneurship through and with ENTR. 

  • Actively introducing and nominating other likeminded professionals to the ENTR. Advocates. 

  • Interested in participating and/or volunteering in various community engagement projects where applicable.


Frequently Asked Questions

Know more about the process of applying to be an ENTR. Advocate.

Q: Is this a networking or business group?
No. ENTR. Advocates operate independently and are leading their own initiatives and projects. Applicants are not looking to join ENTR. Advocates to solicit other ENTR. Advocates for their endeavors, but are taking advantage of their benefits to support their endeavors and have an interest in ENTR. initiatives. 

Q: Why would someone be denied approval?

There are multiple reasons why approval can be denied that can include not being familiar or understanding the business type or concept, limited online references, a low probability of success and other factors.

Q: Are there weekly or monthly meetings online or in person?

No. Not at this time.

Q: What if I wasn’t nominated, can I still apply?


Q: How long does the review process take?
We do periodic reviews throughout the month. Please do not call or send e-mails regarding to the status of your application. If you are approved, you will be contacted.


Q: Are all services free?
No. Some services are provided at no charge and others may be provided at special discounted rates.


Q: Can I apply if I’m in another state or country?


Q: What type of businesses can you help?
We can assist most types of businesses. However, some businesses need more assistance than others.

Submit Online

Let's get the ball rolling and submit your application today. Please complete all the questions asked on the application form for the review process to begin. Incomplete applications may not be considered. 


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